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Key Factors to consider when planning a video.

1 Who is the audience?

The first factor we would want to establish is who is the target audience for the video. This will help you determine the most appropriate style of video that will appeal to your chosen audience.

2 What is the message?

All corporate videos should convey a clear message. It may be as simple as ‘eat at our restaurant’ or a more complex message (as is the case with training and public safety videos.) The message is not always spoken or written within the video, it can be conveyed using the images. An attractive shot of some fresh pasta tells the viewer the food in this restaurant is good quality.

3 How long should it be?

With any introductory or advertising videos is best to keep it short. Most of the adverts on TV are only 30 seconds long and the viewer receives a lot of information in that time. A good rule of thumb for videos on websites is to aim for between 1 – 4 minutes. More complex presentations like training and instructional videos are determined by what information needs to be included.

4 Write the script.

All our videos productions start with a draft script. This draft script gives information as to what is needed in the way of images, graphics, interviews and voice over. Video scripts can be difficult to write so we usually assist the client at this stage. Video scripts also give a very clear idea as to what the final budget may be.

5 Do you need a voice over?

It’s not essential but a good voice over can add a lot to a video. We work with a variety of professional voiceover artists and can find the right voice to match your video.

6 Music.

A music bed will make a video come to life and picking the right music will help create the style of your video. At Copia we have access to the best in royalty free music and if needs be can negotiate for commercial rights.

7 Budget.

Videos can be produced to suit all budgets. The different elements within a video determine the likely cost. Computer Graphics and editing are usually the most expensive, but it’s important to consider a cost for music and voiceover as well filming. To ensure a good working relationship we like to agree budgets with the client before shooting commences.

8 Organised.

The well known phrase ‘time is money’ applies to any kind of filming. We pride ourselves on working fast and efficiently. A lot of our crews work in Television News and are familiar with producing quality productions under pressure.

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