Wherever You Are

Nautilus International

UK's Largest Crane Delivered to Scotland to Build CVF Aircraft CarrierAfter consultation with the client a script was drafted for each film and agreed by the client. At the same time a provisional budget showing the costs involved and any expenses was also drawn up. Filming then commenced and involved shooting in England, the Netherlands and onboard a variety of trade and passenger ships.

While filming was taking place various other assets such as archive footage, graphics and music were being put in place ready for the edit.

When the team arrived back from shooting, the edit and post production began. The edit involved both the producer and editor working simultaneously. Once the first edits had been completed the previews were put on a secure private link and circulated to the client.

ship2The client replied with a short list of small changes that needed attention. These changes were made and the final edits signed off by the client. The films were then encoded to the formats the client required which included both high quality versions for presentation and compressed versions for the web.

All the films were complete in time for the new website to go live in December 2014.

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