NHS Childrens Services
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NHS Childrens Services

The brief for the video was to include as many short sound bites and interviews from both service users and staff in a 3 minute film.

Working with the NHS communications team both producer and cameraman visited two drop in clinics and interviewed some of the parents present. As the nature of the subject was sensitive all the participants had been made aware of the filming and had given consent to appear on camera.

As the video was to be used on social media the length of the film was kept to no more than 3 minutes and the content made clear and easy to understand. The best interviews were selected and the finished video was edited with graphics forming the front and end slates.

The video was then supplied to the NHS Communications team ready for upload and broadcast across several different social media platforms including, Youtube, Vimeo, Twitter and Facebook.

The film was later shown at several different NHS presentations.

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