“Social Media is the marketing phenomenon of recent years,
and video can be a powerful tool in your campaign.”

Social Media Videos

copiac6Are you using video as part of your social media marketing strategy?

Social Media is the marketing phenomenon of recent years, and video can be a powerful tool in your campaign. Video is most effective when used to reinforce brand awareness and public engagement.

At Copia we’ve produced videos for a variety of social media campaigns. These include live streaming of events and launches, videos for press releases and video blogs.

We will work alongside you to establish exactly what you need in the way of video content and how we can develop a consistent message and brand throughout your campaign.

Over the past ten years the development of both the internet and camera technology has brought video production within the grasp of almost every organisation. However assessable the technology maybe, production skills such as fixing, interviewing and editing are still required. These are elements we often see overlooked in productions.

As with all social media there are serious consequences to getting a video wrong. Many politicians and organisations have fallen foul of bad video production. Our team of producers can help you avoid these pitfalls. We can assist with media training for interviewees, legal issues (with third party content) and make your production look right for your target audience.

We can deliver your videos in whichever format you require from broadcast quality to internet streaming. We will either supply the finished production directly to you or upload them directly to your social media platforms. We aim to take the hassle out of the uploading and publishing process.

Great video production company! gave us fantastic service.

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