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The Life of a Cameraman.

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Queen Mary Southampton Water

Early morning shoot of the Queen Mary arriving in Southampton

Its 3:30am on a summers morning. I’m cold and according to the weather forecast just about to get soaking wet. On the shoreline beside me a crowd of people are starting to gather. I drop the tripod legs on to the gravel beach and set the camera on to the locking plate over looking Southampton Water. My brief is to film the ‘3 Queens’  (Cunnard’s luxury cruise ships). Right on cue the Eastern sky turns crimson and one by one the regal vessels slip by.




Corporate video camera

The cameraman’s challenge. Making corporate videos visually interesting.

As a cameraman you can end up anywhere, anytime. The filming of the 3 Queens was simply a matter of timing and position. The landscape and the 90,000 tons of ship did the rest. A cameraman is really tested when the brief is to make a visually dull situation interesting. Classic examples of this are corporate video interviews. Where possible we like to film people in their environment, but it’s important not to make the background too distracting.  This is the challenge I enjoy the most. Corporate Videos cover a wide spectrum of subjects and as a cameraman it can be physically challenging to get cameras into strange places. You can also  find yourself being invited into someones home to talk about personal and private issues. Whatever the job we always work to the same ethic, everything we shoot is show-reel and it’s always worth going that extra mile to get that shot.