Using Greenscreen in a corporate video production.

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Preparing for the CHIRP Maritime Bulletin, with the presenter on greenscreen.

Greenscreen or ‘Chroma Keying’ is a special effect that has been used in film and video for many years. It’s the technique that allows weather presenters to stand in front of interactive maps and actors to fly through the sky. In recent years portable equipment and editing software have made it possible to use Chroma Key in small budget productions. This is great news for filmmakers, but there are important rules when using a greenscreen.

Where and when to use Greenscreen?

The first question is what will you be replacing the greenscreen with. A graphic which matches the corporate brand is often used but care must be taken not to make the overall style look cheap or distracting. If you’re shooting an interview would it better to show the person in an environment relevant to the subject?

Shooting a Greenscreen for video.

A greenscreen needs to be lit evenly and it’s important that the subject doesn’t cause any shadows on the screen. An uneven green screen is difficult to key out. A back light illuminating the hair is important to separate the subject from the screen. Successfully keying a greenscreen takes a little more than a click of a button, although software like Adobe Premiere and After Effects have built in tools to handle this.  

At Copia we use greenscreen on various corporate video projects. As part of the production process we advise clients on when and how to use greenscreen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KnMLMPQZ8eg