“We have a wealth of experience in producing high-end Corporate Videos for a variety of
commercial clients including The NHS, Discovery Channel and The National Lottery”.

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos

Whatever you are promoting, maybe a new product or a simple message, we can produce the video content you need to make sure your message gets through. We have a wealth of experience in producing high-end films for a variety of commercial clients including The NHS, Discovery Channel and The National Lottery.

Many of our team are former journalists and TV producers, we pride ourselves on being able to understand a brief and deliver exactly what the client needs.

We offer all the expertise needed for any type of video presentation, be it 4k filming or CGI graphics.

Video production need not be an expensive and long process. Working closely with the client and carefully planning the production allows us to keep within the budget and deliver the product on time.

Commissioning a video can be a daunting task so we follow these steps to make the process as easy as possible.

After meeting with the client and establishing what their needs are, we will formulate a shooting script and manifest. This will include information such as locations, interviews and graphic content. As the script develops we will produce a production budget allowing you to see all the predicted costs.

Once you are happy with the first draft of the script and budget, preparations can be made to start shooting. Inevitably changes will be made as the production progresses.

Once everything is ‘in the can’  the editing process begins. Some clients follow this process through in the edit suite, others wait for first edit to be produced. We always budget for a set of changes to be made at the end.

We will then deliver the finished production. We are capable of delivering films and videos in all formats be it for broadcast, web use or solid state media like DVD and USB memory sticks. We are also happy to guide clients through the process of uploading to social media platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo.

Whatever happens our team are here to guide you through the entire production process. No matter what the budget or situation we will never drop our standards as we consider everything we produce to be showreel standard.

We have no hesitation in recommending Copia Productions.

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