Copia Productions are proud to have assisted Maritime Films UK with filming and post-production on a series of films covering the restoration of 4 different vessels at the National Museum of the Royal Navy.

HMS Victory

Built over 250 years ago HMS Victory is the worlds oldest commissioned warship. Time has taken it’s toll on the ship and a multi million pound project to re support and restore her is currently underway.


HMS M.33 is not only the sole remaining British veteran of the bloody Dardanelles Campaign of 1915-1916, but also of the Russian Civil War which followed. The ship is one of just three British warships from World War I still in existence. In 2015 she was restored to her former glory and opened to the public.


RML 497 is a former Royal Navy Fairmile B motor launch from World War II. She was named Western Lady III on her entry to civilian service, as a passenger motor vessel for Western Lady Ferry Service. In December 2015, RML 497 was acquired by the National Museum of the Royal Navy.